Located in the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta, Shaoxing County has Ningbo to the east and Hangzhou to the west. Under the jurisdiction of the county are four sub-district committees and fifteen townships with a population of 710,000. Keqiao is the capital city of the 1,130-square-kilometer county.
One of the first 24 historical and cultural cities in China, Shaoxing County was a center of politics, culture and culture in southern China from the Qin and the Han dynasties up to the Ming and the Qing dynasties. The county not only bred outstanding people over centuries but also enjoys a fine reputation as a pearl in southern China, birthplace of silk making, and land of culture and the home of prominent scholars.......

Better^Living in Keqiao ̄
Jidong Chinese Torreya Forest Park U...
The Top of the World Choir Games
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Convenience Cards to Foreigners in S...
Spring in the Lens
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Project with an annual output of 500...
Project with an annual output of 100...
Project with an annual output of 1,0...
Project with an annual output of 200...
Project with an annual output of 20,...
Project with annual output of 600,00...
Yangxunqiao warp-knitting industrial...
Located at Dochangfangkou in Shaoxing,
where the Zhou(Luxun's family name;
Zhoushuren, a famous Chinese novelist
and social reformist, had many pen nam
es, one of which is Luxun.)...
Was born in Huai'an of Jiangsu Province,
but his ancestral home was in Shaoxing
of Zhejiang. Graduated from Nankai
University in Tianjin. He was founder of
^Awakening ̄ Society.
Qiu Jin, a female revolutionary
fighting against the Qing dynasty
organized an underground army and
rebelled with Xuxilin in Zhejiang and
Anhui provinces.

Orchid Pavilion is located at
the foot of Lanzhu Hill, 12.5
km southwest of Shaoxing
City. During the Spring and
Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC), Goujian, the king of the
Yue State, planted orchids
here and during the Han
(206 BC - 220 AD), a post
pavilion was built. Hence the name.

East Lake is located in the
east suburbs of Shaoxing city, three kilometers from the city center. Featuring an elegant landscape of lakes and mountains and fantastic
stones, it, together with the
West Lake in Hangzhou ...
Shaoxing County Investment Guide
Shaoxing County Investment Guide
Shaoxing was one
of the six key cities
approved by the
State Council in 1992
to take the lead in
planning and
development in the
south wing of Yangtze
River Delta.
binghai industrial zone
keqiao economic Development Zone
keyan tourism zone
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