Chen Jiangong

Chen Jiangong (1893-1971) was from Shanying, Shaoxing. Talented and eager to acquire knowledge, he entered a private school at age 5. He entered Shanying School and Shaoxing Prefecture School through examinations. In 1910, he entered Zhejiang Liangji Teachers¨ College. Upon graduation, he went to Japan for further studies, majoring in textile and dyeing. In the same year he took an examination and got himself enrolled in the night school of Tokyo Physics College. He graduated with honors. He returned to China in 1923 and was invited to teach mathematics at Zhejiang Engineering School. In 1924 he was engaged as a professor of mathematics by the Wuhan University. In 1926 he went to Japan three times as a graduate student in Northeast Imperial University. After he returned to China, he took the post of a professor teaching mathematics at Zhejiang University. Later he became the dean of the mathematics department. During the Anti-Japanese War, he collaborated with Su Buqing and other experts, despite difficult conditions, in founding the Mathematics Research Institute of Zhejiang University in the southwestern China. He served as director of the research institute.   After the founding of the People¨s Republic of China, Chen Jiangong assumed the following posts: professor of mathematics at Fudan University, member of mathematics, physics and chemistry department of China Academy of Sciences, deputy director of China Mathematics Association, member of the central committee of the Jiu San Association. He attended Soviet Mathematics Congress in USSR in 1956. In 1958, he served as vice president of Hangzhou University, member of campus affairs committee at Fudan University, director of theory of functions research institute at the mathematics department of Fudan University. He also was member of Zhejiang People¨s Committee and chairman of Zhejiang Scientists Association. He was deputy to the first, second, third and fourth National People¨s Congress. Chen Jiangong died in Hangzhou on April 11, 1971.  

Dedicated totally to teaching and researching of mathematics, Chen Jiangong made outstanding contributions to mathematical theories. He was the founder of studies in the field theory of functions in China. He accomplished brilliant achievements in trigonometric series. He published more than 60 papers at home and abroad. He also translated over 10 academic books.

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